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I work with extensive artistic research processes that strive to create understanding and change – within myself as well as in other people around me and in the major power stuctures of society. I am not merely trying to ”reach out” of the traditional art context, instead all of my work is being carried out from such an outside point to start with, but I do feel free to ”reach in” to the art world when ever I believe that might be suited.

Even though I work across many fields of knowledge, combining theory and methods from different disciplines, I still consider the way of the artist to be my best possibility to move and work freely, both in the inner and outer landscapes of human existence. As an artist I am allowed to explore and interact with what ever comes in way of my curiosity. My work is often participatory and tend to be subversive in its themes and methods, it includes teaching and critical writing as well as many other creative outputs.

I have graduated from the Art in the Public Realm master program at Konstfack University Collage of Arts and have written and published two artistic research projects in book form; Visit Norrtuna (2010) and Dangerous Land (2013). I am currently exploring the field of tension that can be found between the two opposing poles of Petrification and Dissolution.

For more info and contact, email: kontakt(a)rubenwatte.com